From October 18-20, I had the pleasure of returning to campus to represent WCCV at Wellesley's BLUEprint leadership training!  This annual event draws together alumnae leaders of clubs, classes, Shared Identity Groups (SIGs), and more.  

We learned what's new at the College and in the alumnae world, and shared lessons learned, advice, and ideas for how to make our respective corners of the alumnae network even brighter.

Sessions included role-specific training opportunities (hearing what other clubs of all sizes are up to!), presentations from the Dean of Students and the Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, a dive into the College's finances, and discussion about what it means for Wellesley to truly embody "inclusive excellence."  We had the opportunity to hear the latest about the exciting Science Center renovations, as well as long-deferred residence hall projects now steaming ahead. 

This year, BLUEprint overlapped with a number of other events on campus, including Friends and Family Weekend, the 50th anniversary of the Alumnae Achievement Awards, and the 10th anniversary of the Albright Institute.  We had the privilege of hearing Secretary Madeleine Korbel Albright '59 on two occasions, as she participated in a panel with former Albright Institute scholars, and reflected on the topic of "speaking across difference" with a current student. 

A key highlight for WCCV was the Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award presentation, when past WCCV president Lauren Durbin '99 was honored with this special recognition.  Lauren spoke about how important it is to personally reach out and empower other volunteers, maximizing engagement.  Don't worry, I cheered loudly for her on our club's behalf!

I am pleased to be able to bring lessons from BLUEprint back to our Board, and maintain the connection between WCCV and the College.  Please come find me at our upcoming events if you would like to chat more!

Elizabeth Shirey '10
Vice President